Modular Office Furniture

  • The Hybrid Seat Cusion, made of moulded and viscoelastic foam, reduces pressure points for long term seating comfort.
  • The Conforming Mesha Back provides lumbar support and alleviates shoulder strain for long term seating comfort.
  • Intuitive Controls are located along the sides of the seat so thet you never have to get up tp manually fine-tune your chair.
  • The full (8-way) Adjustable Arms allow you to choose the positions of the armrests that suit your posture.
  • Acu-Fittm Ergonomics enables Acuity to adapt itself to your body weight and seating posture.
  • The Weight Activated Mechanism senses your body’s weight and automatically adjusts the chair for comfort in every position.


Upholstery – Leather 980

  • White


  • Egg Shell


  • Demi Red


Upholstery – Leather 900

  • Black


  • Brown


Upholstery – Fabric Centurion

  • Brick

    (CN 01)

  • Helm

    (CN 02)

  • Pluto

    (CN 03)

  • Pitch

    (CN 04)

  • Charcoal

    (CN 05)

Upholstery – Fabric – Zen

  • Oatmeal

    (ZN 03)

  • Laquer

    (ZN 12)

  • Scarlet

    (ZN 13)

  • Cobalt

    (ZN 22)

  • Deep Night

    (ZN 23)

  • Ash

    (ZN 40)

  • Onyx

    (ZN 42)

Back Mesh

  • Dusk


  • Lustre


Back Frame

  • Graphite
  • Titanium

Chassis / Base

  • Graphite
  • Polished


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